Grand Narrative of Scripture

For this quiz, you’ll need your main worksheet, Catechism, and Bible or internet access.

Please submit your quiz by October 2.

Catechism Class Quiz #1

  • In class we practiced doing a word study by looking at verses where the word appears. Pick one of the following words and tell what the Bible says about it. You may consult a Bible concordance or a search engine like Pick one: Faith, Gospel, Savior, Salvation, Scripture
  • See Catechism Questions 78-83.
  • See Catechism Questions 134-135.
  • 2000 BC, 1500 BC, 1000 BC, 500 BC, AD 50
  • See Catechism Questions 2 and 4.

Our next Catechism Class is October 16, 12:00-3:30 PM. Please look for a pre-class quiz link in your email on October 9.

It’s a joy to be studying God’s Word with you!

-Pastor Chris

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